Building a new or upgrading an existing manufacturing line with new technology can sometimes be daunting, filled with unknowns about how to integrate the new technology. That’s why INPRO offers custom engineering integration services for each of the systems we sell. Able to leverage decades of experience with these technologies, INPRO can integrate all our systems so you can avoid common headaches/pitfalls.

In addition, INPRO runs an in-house lab to simulate our customers’ lines to validate process changes before the installation is set in stone.

Our Process


We figure out everything we possibly can about the project so we can find the best solution.


We test various technologies and configurations to verify it solves the problem.


We design a system to solve the problem, carefully weighing each decision.


Following customer approval, we fabricate, test, and check-out. This may even include on-site installation if necessary.


If you ever have any issues, please let us know! We’re more than happy to help.

Our Design Philosophy

Turnkey Solutions

Each of INPRO’s integrations is aimed to be a full solution with minimal installation time. That way, you can get back to production ASAP and start reaping the benefits.

Smooth Transition

The excitement of upgrading your line or implementing a new one altogether can be soured when complications arise in creating a new process or changing an existing one. INPRO strives to design solutions that minimize complexities and make the process transition as smooth as possible.

Low Maintenance

We design our solutions to require as little maintenance as possible, meaning longer uptime and a faster ROI.

Process Intelligence

Process Control is an obsession for us.  We can’t help it. By employing custom process baselining procedures, automation techniques, online monitoring, and Industry 4.0 technologies, we propel our customers forward with systems designed for robust, repeatable, and trackable processes.


Where possible, we make sure our design is as flexible as possible. When something changes in the future, you won’t need to purchase a new system or design costly upgrades.

Case Studies

Fender Musical Instruments

We built a UV curing chamber to be installed on Fender’s guitar undercoat line in order to eliminate drying time, which reduced cycle time, WIP, and required floorspace. This chamber packs up to 18 Heraeus F300 irradiators in a 4’x4’ area (plus corner light shield) while allowing maintainers access to each lamp in less than 30 seconds. It was also installed without disassembling Fender’s existing line and allows Fender to revert back to a full thermal cure should they choose to.


I endorse INPRO as the right company to partner with when looking for a UV curing solution.

Guillermo Pamanes, Engineering Director
Guillermo Pamanes, Engineering Director

Armor Plastics

We built two UV curing towers to be installed on Armor Plastics’ protective coating line to eliminate the coat drying time. Each tower can hold up to 8 Heraeus LH10 irradiators for a total of 16. To access the lamps, maintainers need only to roll back the towers and remove the window.




Lion Brothers

We integrated an Enercon Corona Treater into Lion Brothers’ “web printing line to increase surface energy because that’s all I know”. It was definitely on the smaller side of our projects, but certainly no less important.