EnerDyne™ Pens

Are you achieving the dyne levels you need? Do you know the dyne level of your material prior to treating? Key to any surface treatment application is knowing your starting and ending treatment levels. Enercon’s EnerDyne pens provide a quick, safe and simple means of testing surface energy.

Unlike traditional dyne pens that are made with toxic solutions such as formamide, EnerDyne pens are toxic free making them safe for your operators. They also provide vivid easy to read results on a wide variety of surfaces.

EnerDyne pens are designed to indicate surface treatment levels on polymer based substrates and establish that the material is correctly treated prior to applying inks, coatings, paints or adhesives. Pens are available in 30/32/35/38/40/41/42/44/48/56/60/66 dyne levels.