EnerDyne™ Pens

Are you achieving the dyne levels you need? Do you know the dyne level of your material prior to treating? Key to any surface treatment application is knowing your starting and ending treatment levels. Enercon’s EnerDyne pens provide a quick, safe and simple means of testing surface energy.

Unlike traditional dyne pens that are made with toxic solutions such as formamide, EnerDyne pens are toxic free making them safe for your operators. They also provide vivid easy to read results on a wide variety of surfaces.

EnerDyne pens are designed to indicate surface treatment levels on polymer based substrates and establish that the material is correctly treated prior to applying inks, coatings, paints or adhesives. Pens are available in 30/32/35/38/40/41/42/44/48/56/60/66 dyne levels.

Surface Analyst 3001

Control adhesion and validate surface cleanliness in manufacturing by collecting precise, repeatable and objective measurements into the quality of any surface.

Use the handheld 3001 device to take inspections along your production process and map where surface condition has the opportunity to change to get to the root cause of adhesion failure.


Through the push of a button, take highly accurate and quantitative surface inspections in just 2 seconds.


Single button operation, compact design and flexible inspection head allows for inspections on any material, in any direction and on parts with complex geometries.


Archer™, the powerful software that powers the device, allows users to streamline surface adhesion inspection processes by providing precise and quantitative inspections that are non-subjective.


Eliminate scrap resulting from destructive tests such as dyne tests. The 3001 takes inspections using highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminating the potential for material contamination and making inspections completely harmless to users.


For use directly on the manufacturing floor. This truly portable device isn’t tethered to a computer or tablet and has been drop tested in compliance with IEC 61010-1.

Surface Analyst XA

The XA provides real-time feedback to continuously monitor and validate surface critical operations to ensure adhesion processes aren’t drifting out of spec. This gives you fully integrated, total surface quality control throughout your entire adhesion production process.


Fastest automated contact angle measuring system at over 5,000 inspections per hour.


Comprehensive documentation provides all the information necessary for a quick and easy installation with any automated system or configuration. The flexibility of the XA allows manufacturers to choose the right implementation for their production processes. Whether it’s in-line with a robot, linear actuator, fixed to the line or a stand-alone off-line quality check station.


Archer, the powerful software that drives the XA, provides statistical process control for long-term trend analysis and process drift monitoring.


Non-contact inspection head and use of highly purified HPLC-grade water, eliminates the potential for material contamination.


The XA keeps your line connected by providing continuous feedback and automatic data handling into Manufacturing Execution Systems. The statistical adhesion process control keeps you informed about what changes are occurring on your surface overtime due to treatment degradation or other unseen factors that can lead to adhesion failure.