The FMX-004 fieldmeter is a compact electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charges. Its pocket size and three-button operation makes it convenient and easy to use.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Range light assures accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Automatic range switching up to ±30 kV (30,000V) at a distance of 1″
  • Digital and bar graph display with +/- indicators
  • Automatic power off with inactivity

The FMX-004 also offers an optional cable and bracket kit for Analog output. This feature allows you to extract and monitor your data. The Analog output bracket enables the fieldmeter to be mounted in order to collect continuous reading. The Analog signal can be used with a PLC, data acquisition card, data logger, chart reader, etc.


The IQ Easy Sensor bar is active multi-point sensor bar that offers stand-alone monitoring or closed-loop feedback functionality that work in conjunction with our static neutralizing bar. The unique design allows for various configurations, giving you the ability to position the sensors across the target to receive a complete picture of any electrostatic issues.

When you pair with the IQ Easy static neutralizing bar or IQ Power BPS Power Supply, it creates a true closed-loop static solution based on Simco-ion’s multiple patented features. This means the sensor bar is reading the downstream charge and the ionization being produced from the static neutralizing bar will adjust as needed in real time to ensure you are receiving the lowest possible residual charge.


The IQ Power HL System is designed to optimize static neutralization within Class1, Div. 1 classified areas.
• HL Sensors are intrinsically safe active modules that are easy to install without the use of conduit.
• The HL Sensor Interface acts as a gateway between the Sensors and the Control Station. It provides status indicators for up to 8 connected Sensors.