We have a wide variety of our products to test how well they’d work for you. We can use our lab conveyors, robot arm, and human ingenuity to simulate your existing manufacturing line, figure out the best technology to use, then test and improve.

Microwave UV Curing
Spot Curing Adhesive
Blown Ion on Robot Arm
UV Lab Conveyor

Thorough testing allows our customers to be confident in our solutions before committing to a potentially costly process change or update.

Lab Equipment and Capabilities

Platform Simulation

  • 6″ lab conveyors
  • 12″ lab conveyors
  • UV exposure chambers
  • Robot cell

UV Curing

  • Broadband spot curing
  • Broadband microwave lamps
  • LED area and spot curing
  • UV radiometers

Static Control

  • Static neutralization
  • Static charging and pinners
  • Static meters

Plasma Treating

  • Flame plasma treaters
  • Blown-ion plasma treaters
  • Blown-arc plasma treaters
  • Dyne testing
  • Surface analyzers