INPRO Technologies, located in Frederick, Maryland, suppliers of automated and robotic solutions, collaborative robots, robotic case-packing and palletizer systems, robotic screwdriving systems, custom UV curing systems, UV spotcuring systems, UV radiometers, replacement UV lamps, plasma and corona treaters, static neutralizers, charging systems, and web cleaners has over thirty years of experience in providing process solutions to a broad customer base.  Today’s manufacturing environments demand product quality, process control and repeatability. We offer a wide variety of industrial equipment and process control instrumentation to help you achieve those high standards.


Typical markets that we serve include: printing and converting, medical device assembly, electronics assembly, plastics coating and decorating, automotive plastics, film extrusion, coating of wood and laminate flooring, glass decorating and composite construction.

What We Do

We have demo equipment available to assist in your process development. Our process technologies include:

  • UV Curing
  • UV Control
  • Static Control
  • Plasma Treatment
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Narrow Web Corona Treater
  • UV Spotcuring
  • Electrostatic Charging
  • UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Additionally, we have years of experience in adapting and integrating this equipment into a total process solution for your manufacturing line. Our Engineering offers:


  • System integration
  • Consulting
  • Diagnostic and repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Robotics and automation services

Our Team

Eric Couch

President & Account Manager

Eric manages accounts in Southern Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

He brings his engineering background to work alongside customers to propose, test, and implement solutions that meet process requirements.




Mike Couch

Vice President Engineering

Mike leads INPRO’s Engineering efforts, and offers technical and program management expertise to serve customers in need of unique integration services.




Quintin Daniluck

Account Manager

Quintin manages accounts in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Northern Ohio.

Quintin brings a level of application experience and customer service to help recommend, evaluate and integrate solutions for a repeatable process.




Pat Chisholm

Account Manager

Pat services Eastern Virginia.

After 25 years of experience in ink manufacturing, service, and technical sales, Pat understands the importance of listening to the customer to find the best solution.




Bob Couch

Founder & Technical Advisor


Danielle Reeves



Megan Wiles

Office Manager