Any manufacturing process where
non-conductive materials are in motion has the potential to generate
static electricity.

Negative effects of static electricity include:

  •  shocks to operators

  •  attraction of dust which can contaminate product

  •  jams and misfeeds which affect production output

  •  potential to start fires in certain environments

Simco-Ion has a complete line of products to control static in any industrial application.  As the Simco-Ion specialist in MD, VA, WV, and DC, INPRO Technologies is here to help you find the right solution to improve throughput, safety, and quality.

Static Elimination

      •       Bars
      •       Blowers
      •       Guns & Nozzles

Electrostatic Charging

      •       Pinner Bars
      •       Applicators
      •       Generators

Static Measurement

      •       FMX-004
      •       IQ Easy Sensor
      •       HL Sensor