Our Process

Our success comes from a strict adherence to a highly tailorable process.


We investigate everything we can about the project so we understand your needs.


We test various technologies and configurations to begin architecting a solution.


We design a system to solve the problem, carefully weighing each decision.


Following customer approval, we fabricate, assemble, and test the final system. This process may even include on-site installation if necessary.


From consulting on process to warranty support, we stay involved as a partner to our customers.

Our Design Philosophy

These four tenets of successful design and integration separate us from other firms.

Smooth Transition

The excitement of upgrading your line or implementing a new one altogether can be soured when complications arise in creating a new process or changing an existing one. INPRO’s solutions minimize complexities and make the process transition as smooth as possible.

Low Maintenance

We design our solutions to require as little maintenance as possible, meaning longer uptime and a faster ROI.

Process Intelligence

Process Control is an obsession for us.  We can’t help it. By employing custom process baselining procedures, automation techniques, online monitoring, and Industry 4.0 technologies, we propel our customers forward with systems designed for robust, repeatable, and trackable processes.


Where possible, we make sure our design is flexible to accommodate growth so that changes in the future don’t have to mean costly rebuilds.

Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at some projects where our process and philosophy drove success for our customers.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

Polycarbonate Hard Coating

Integration Gallery

Check out just a few other examples of custom system integrations we’ve delivered in the past.

Mercury (Hg) Ultraviolet Curing Conveyor System
Benchtop Microwave UV exposure chamber
Hydrogel Contact Lens Module
Conveyorized Ultraviolet LED Curing Application
Benchtop 12" lab conveyor
UV Lamp Test Stand
N2 Inerted Xenon Lamp Exposure Shuttle System
UV Exposure Chamber with turntable
Production Bottom Cure Sheet Conveyor

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