INPRO can diagnose and repair issues with many of the products we provide.

We can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair UV irradiators and power supplies.  Lamp systems we deal with commonly are Heraeus or FusionUV microwave UV systems.

Light guides can be an expensive component to replace on spot curing systems.  Often replacement is the only option, but sometimes we can extend the life.

Our process of reworking used quartz plates with some of the same processes that foundries use to manufacture them in the first place means you can extend the life of these panels and potentially avoid costly replacements.  The quartz is cleaned and polished back to optical quality. The solarization or tinting that is caused by shortwave UV from your lamps is removed by annealing in the same or similar furnaces used to create the original ingots.

We offer diagnostic and repair service on Omni-cure CV300 conveyors, Heraeus or FusionUV LC6B and LC6B-2 conveyors, and any of the conveyor systems we sell.

Often issues arise with static control systems integrated onto production lines that can be easily addressed with the consult of one of our experienced staff members.

F300 UV lamp repair

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