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Fender Converts to UV with INPRO’s Engineering and Integration Services

In early 2020, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, maker of some of the finest electric guitars in the world, began investigating the potential to decrease the cycle time on their guitar body undercoat line in their Corona, CA facility, while decreasing their Work In Progress (WIP) and reclaiming valuable factory floorspace that was otherwise occupied by countless racks of drying guitar bodies.

INPRO’s Engineering team stepped up to offer Fender the support they needed to begin this process transition by offering an elegant UV curing solution.  By the end by the end of 2020, Fender had a seamlessly integrated UV curable undercoat system that’s ready to pump out loads more guitars for musicians everywhere and meet their growing demand. Check out the Fender Case Study to learn more about the project.

We are excited to continue helping customers make and maintain these types of improvements to their manufacturing capabilities through our array of services, including consulting, engineering and integration, and diagnostics and repairs.

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I endorse INPRO as the right company to partner with when looking for a UV curing solution.

Guillermo Pámanes, Engineering Director, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Guillermo Pámanes, Engineering Director, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

The unit we have works great. Absolutely works as designed, is used daily and has given us zero issues. I recommend your company whenever a user of our UV coatings requires a lab scale benchtop UV system.