INPRO Technologies, located in Frederick, MD, suppliers of UV conveyors, custom UV curing systems, UV spot curing systems, UV radiometers, replacement UV lamps, plasma and corona treaters, static neutralizers, charging systems, and web cleaners has over thirty years of experience in providing process solutions to a broad customer base.  Today’s manufacturing environments demand product quality, process control and repeatability. We offer a wide variety of industrial equipment and process control instrumentation to help you achieve those high standards.

Typical markets that we serve include: printing and converting, medical device assembly, electronics assembly, plastics coating and decorating, automotive plastics, film extrusion, coating of wood and laminate flooring, glass decorating and composite construction.

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Static Measurement

Simco-Ion is the world’s largest manufacturer of static control equipment, providing solutions for our leading manufacturer’s electrostatic needs since 1936.  With colder weather approaching, we can expect an increase in static charges.  Increased charges in a manufacturing process can cause product defects, costly downtime and be an operator safety concern.  Simco-Ion offers devices to locate, monitor and control static charges.

The Simco FMX-004 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a portable hand-held device used for measuring static charges.  Its lightweight and compact design makes it convenient and easy to use.  The FMX-004 measures both positive and negative polarity charges up to ±30 kV (30,000V) at a distance of 1”.  Two LED guide lights help position the FMX-004 at the right distance from a charged surface.  The IQ Easy Sensor Bar is an active multi-point sensor bar that offers real-time monitoring of a static neutralizing or charging application.  When paired with an IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bar, it creates a true closed-loop static solution to ensure you are receiving the lowest possible residual charge.

This same monitoring capability is available in areas classified as hazardous locations with the IQ Power HL Sensor Bar.

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“The unit we have works great.  Absolutely works as designed, is used daily and has given us zero issues.  I recommend your company whenever a user of our UV coatings requires a lab scale benchtop UV system.”