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OmniCure AC Series

For decades, leading manufacturers have been using OmniCure for its innovative, simple-to-use, repeatable, and reliable UV curing technology in adhesives, coatings and inks. With a broad array of spot and area UV curing systems designed with LED and Lamp UV technology, customers can choose from a wide selection to meet the unique needs of their curing applications.

OmniCure AC Series UV LED Curing Systems offer high power and low-temperature curing for maximum throughput performance and production yields. Suitable for a variety of adhesives, coating and inks, these air-cooled systems utilize high-output LEDs and advanced front-end optics to achieve high-peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity for greater flexibility in developing UV curing processes.

The OmniCure AC Series offers large-area and small-area UV LED curing systems designed to provide exceptionally uniform areas of high optical power with a range of wavelengths, configurations and sizes to address a variety of applications.

The OmniCure CV300 Conveyor is designed to complement the OmniCure AC Series UV LED Systems which creates a solution suitable for production, laboratory, and research development applications.

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“The unit we have works great.  Absolutely works as designed, is used daily and has given us zero issues.  I recommend your company whenever a user of our UV coatings requires a lab scale benchtop UV system.”