Custom UV Curing Systems

Process Solution & System Integration

INPRO Technologies, Inc. specializes the integration of UV-Curing Technology

into new or existing manufacturing processes.

From initial lab testing and prototype design to final installation, we can optimize your UV process configuration. 

Let us show you how the application of UV-curing can improve your printing, coating or assembly operations.  UV-curable inks, coatings and adhesives are available for use on a wide range of substrates including paper, plastic, glass, metal and electronic components.

INPRO Technologies designs and supplies the UV lamp systems as well as the material handling systems and safety light shielding for your total process solution.

Baseball Bat Curing

3D Systems

Complete turnkey systems are available for processing 3-D parts of any size or shape. Designs range from simple static exposure chambers for small batch processes to automated systems that map the UV lamp along the contour of a complex shape, ensuring uniform UV exposure to all surfaces. All systems include proper cooling and safety shielding. Applications include medical device assembly, electronic component bonding, wood profile finishing and various others.

UV Test Stand

This test stand was developed to let our customers characterize their Microwave Lamps before and after performing maintenance.

Wood Profile Curing

Web Systems

System designs are available for both narrow web and wide web applications.

Options Include:

  • Single and multiple row configurations
  • Single-sided and double-sided (top/bottom) cure
  • Nitrogen inerted chambers for use with oxygen inhibited chemistries
  • Water chilled plates for heat sensitive webs
  • Fixed and variable lamp focus
  • Fixed and variable lamp power

Web Retrofit

Nitrogen Inerted Curing

Temperature Controlled Drum Curing

UV Exposure Chamber

UV Exposure Chamber with Turntable

Click for a Demonstration

Repositional Curing

Inerted Shuttle Exposure System

Conveyorized Systems

UV lamps integrated with a variety of standard and customized conveyors are available for both laboratory and production environments.

Various material-handling techniques are available, including:

  • Driven-roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Air tables
  • Strap conveyors
  • Pin-on-edge chain conveyors
  • Vacuum hold-down conveyors

Benchtop Conveyor

80" Roller Conveyor

30" Roller Conveyor

Free Standing Lab Conveyor

Replacement Lamps

INPRO can provide replacement UV lamps for nearly all models of UV equipment. All lamps are designed to meet original specifications and are manufactured to the highest standards in order to provide maximum lamp output and lamp life. Many lamp sizes are stocked and available for same-day shipment.