Industrial UV Curing is a process that uses light in the ultraviolet spectrum
to cure an ink, coating, adhesive, or some other wet chemistry.

These chemistries contain photo-initiator compounds that react to the light by releasing free radicals.

These free radicals then kick off a reaction called polymerization in which free-floating monomer molecules form chains. The end result is a strong, fully cured and dry network of highly cross-linked chains.

Area Curing

    • OmniCure® AC Series
    • OmniCure® CV300
    • Heraeus Microwave

Spot Curing

    •       OmniCure® S1500
    •       OmniCure® S2000
    •       OmniCure® LX500
    •       OmniCure® R2000

UV Measuring & Monitoring

    • Power Puck® II
    • PowerMAP® II
    • LEDCure™
    • MicroCure®
    • Compact Sensor
    • UVC 1000 Dosimeter

Custom UV
Curing Systems