Teknek Web Cleaner (TWC)

The TWC is designed for the high value web converting sector where the best cleaning system available is required. It is Engineered for simple installation, continuous operation, ease of use and minimal maintenance. Proven contact cleaning for use with modern high value materials such as PET, polyimide, non-woven, copper, aluminum, BOPP and many others. This is also one of the best value machines available.

Features and Benefits

  • Low track, lightweight rollers
  • Lightweight carbon fiber sleeve technology
  • Standard installation points with brackets on product
  • Machined aluminum and stainless steel construction for a small footprint
  • Width range from 30″ up to 86″ web width
  • Custom widths available above 87″

Teknek CM81 Sheet Cleaner

Simco-Ion’s Teknek CM81 Sheet Cleaner utilizes Simco-Ion static bars to ensure the material being processed leaves the machine free of static charge. The CM81 is a robust cleaner, ideally suited to cleaning thinner materials typically found in PCB, Graphics, LCD and Touchpanel.

State-of-the-art lightweight elastomer rollers, contacting both sides of the sheet with minimal pressure, ensure no damage to the sensitive surface of the material. Now with low static cleaning.

Teknek Hand Rollers

Simco-Ion’s Teknek DCR Contact Cleaning Hand Rollers can be used to clean any flat surface and will pick up  dry, unattached particles without damaging the surface or leaving anything behind.  The DCR will pick up dust, lint, hair, glass, metal skin and plastic particles.  After rolling the part you want to clean, simply roll the DCR over the specially made Adhesive pad to refresh the DCR for next application.  Available in 6 inch (150mm) and 12 inch (300mm) working width.