COVID-19 Crisis Breaking News

April 8, 2020

CALL TO ACTION BELOW! INPRO engineers have been working around the clock in pursuit of a solution to one of our nation’s most pressing problems: healthcare workers being put at risk of infection because of a shortage of PPE, including N95 respirators. With the backing of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition ( ), INPRO has developed a system for disinfecting respirators that are in critically short supply.

Please spread the word so we can get this solution to the amazing nurses, doctors, and hospital workers who are selflessly putting themselves at risk and are already working so hard and so courageously to care for our sick. INPRO is offering our prototype immediately for any hospital that wants to put it to use, and 10 more systems are in production now in order to provide by this time next week.

TODAY, in 3 minutes or less, please take the following the action steps below.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Action Steps:

  1. Visit Governor Hogan’s webpage:
  2. Choose “Emergency Preparedness” for the Message Topic.
  3. In the “Your Message” section, enter your reason for support and/or paste the message provided below.

Governor Larry Hogan’s Office,

During this COVID-19 crisis, decontamination of N95 Respirators for reuse is necessary in these extreme situations. Research from Nebraska Medicine has shown that Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation(UVGI) can be used to decontaminate and reuse critical PPE such as N95 Respirators. INPRO Technologies, Inc. has designed a prototype of an on-site UVGI unit that can decontaminate at a high throughput, and they have already ramped up for production units for deployment next week! These systems are easy to assemble and use – in fact, any hospital staff member(s) or maintenance can run the system. It meets the same safety requirements as a household microwave, and it can be put on-site directly where it is needed.

I want INPRO Technologies, Inc. to get these units in as many hospitals in the state of Maryland as quickly as possible. The fact that our healthcare workers continue to be put at risk despite their heroic service is something none of us should stand for…as we approach the apex of this pandemic.

Any assistance your office can provide to help INPRO reach this goal of improving the safety of Maryland’s frontline workers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your effective leadership throughout this crisis, and I appreciate your integrity as you place protection of human life above all else at this difficult time.

April 3, 2020

Over the last several weeks, we at INPRO have been searching for how we can utilize our knowledge, competencies, contacts, and technologic resources to contribute to the larger humanitarian response to the current COVID-19 crisis. We have had several conversations – internal as well as with members of the medical, scientific, and manufacturing communities – in which we’ve been able to explore how we could contribute. We are proud to say that we have now officially partnered with the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition (, and have been asked to develop a proposal for providing equipment for in situ UV decontamination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help mitigate the PPE shortage sub-crisis being experienced by healthcare professionals everywhere.

In these extreme circumstances, much of the testing and qualification normally needed for devices and processes like this is being circumvented in the short term. This places INPRO and its industry partners in a position to help now. Following commitment from the coalition, we will be turning our focus toward producing as many conveyor systems as we can to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. Due to the urgent nature of this activity, one of the courses of action that INPRO has decided to pursue is solicitation of our customers and industry partners for any parties willing to support by providing their existing UV lamps and conveyor systems to INPRO for modification/integration into a system designed for this application.

The impact to our business is unknown at the moment, but we have committed ourselves to serving a cause larger than profitability during this time. While we will take measures to ensure we are able to remain operational in the post-crisis environment, capital motivation remains secondary to service to our national and global communities.

Every minute healthcare professionals go without these systems is potentially a minute they go unprotected, putting them at significant risk of infection, and potentially death. Let that be the motivator that drives our sense of urgency in succeeding in our mission:

INPRO Technologies seeks to make healthcare processes safer, more reliable, more efficient, and more productive by engineering solutions and working alongside our customers to connect them to the technologies that meet their needs.