INPRO Commissions UV Towers on Armor Plastics’ Polycarbonate Coating Line

After providing consulting services to Armor Plastics in the development of their pilot line for coating and curing polycarbonate sheets, INPRO was then tapped to provide a complete dual tower UV system for the final full-scale production line. They needed turn-key support from experts capable of understanding their process, so INPRO offered them knowledgeable, reliable consulting resources and a completely integrated UV system along with start-up support that well-exceeded their expectations.

INPRO delivered more than just an incredible product. Along with providing the best equipment for my application, the team at INPRO brought an expertise that is second to none,” reported Derrick Shelley, Business Manager for Armor Plastics. INPRO “took time out of [their] schedule to educate me and my team in UV. The open mindedness of this team is a true asset!

The system architected provides up to 80″ of curing length on both sides of varying thicknesses of polycarbonate sheets. Quartz windows enable the use of high-performance microwave powered UV lamps with proper airflow management to deliver sufficient UV to the sheets with no air impingement on the parts causing undesirable flutter during the process.

INPRO designed, built, tested, and delivered a complete system including a remote control package, air handling package, and a maintainer-friendly electrical and mechanical integration package. The system was successfully commissioned in August of this year as Armor Plastics begins to run production on their new line. Check out the Polycarbonate Hard Coating Case Study to learn more about the project.

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