COVID-19 Crisis Breaking News

April 8, 2020

CALL TO ACTION BELOW! INPRO engineers have been working around the clock in pursuit of a solution to one of our nation’s most pressing problems: healthcare workers being put at risk of infection because of a shortage of PPE, including N95 respirators. With the backing of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition ( ), INPRO has developed a system for disinfecting respirators that are in critically short supply. read more

Achieving the Ultimate Wavelength UV LED Curing Systems


UV LED curing is used throughout the print process to dry or cure anything from ink to coatings. It works very quickly compared to other curing processes like conventional UV and mercury arc lamps in addition to many other advantages. Consequently, the speed of curing allows for heat-sensitive and thinner materials to be used – unlike longer curing processes where a thinner material may melt – expanding application options. For manufacturers in different industry verticals, a customized UV LED curing solution is essential to increasing efficiencies in their organization. read more